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HTML Code can be found in all pages that are included in the theme. Code Starts From Line 257th to 351th of each page.
<!-- Banner starts--><section id="home-page-v1-banner" class="home-page-v1-banner v2-banner"> <img src="images/home-page-2-banner-bgclr.png" alt="" class="img-fluid home-banner"/> <div class="image-caption"> <div class="container"> <div class="row content-justify"> <div class="col-sm-12 col-md-12 col-lg-8 col-xl-9 text-center"> <h1 class="fadeInLeft wow" data-wow-duration="1s">Discover Your Real Heaven</h1> <h5 class="fadeInRight wow" data-wow-duration="1s">search for homes near you for sales & rent</h5> </div> </div> </div> </div></section><!-- Banner Ends-->
Note : Code start and end may vary based on the page you are editing and its contents so we have given a approximate line numbers. so please do check and edit carefully