Plugin settings and configurations
The Settings section handles the configuration of the plugin. The configurable options are categorized into three sections -- Admin Settings, Validation Messages, and Single Product Page. Each of them are demonstrated below.


This section provides an option to turn on/off the dashboard widget. This setting adds a widget to the admin dashboard to quickly get information regarding any postal code in the database.


This section allows you to enter custom validation messages that the user of your website sees when they enter an unsupported postal code, or when a product is not available at the selected postal code.


To allow the users of your website to place orders only to the postal codes available in the database, turn on the strict validation. If this validation is turned off, users can place orders to any postal code.


The validation message entered here is shown to the user when the products being purchased are not available at the selected postal code.


This section controls the options when a postal code is checked for serviceability on a single product page. You can toggle this setting on/off and control the visual settings for validation messages such as Box Background Color, Text Color, Success Text Color and Failure Text Color.


Three methods are available to show the validation message on the single product page:
  • Show As Alert: This shows the error in a basic JavaScript Alert Box
  • Show As Modern Alert: This shows the error in a modern minimalist Alert Box
  • Show Below Widget: This shows error below the widget box as demonstrated above


This option allows you to show a Country Selector in the single product page widget. You can choose from three different styles of Select Frameworks, viz. Select2, Selectize or Chosen. You can also choose to show All Countries, Countries you Sell To, or Countries you Ship To.
That's it folks! We've covered all the plugin settings and options. You can now validate any postal code, both on the single product page, as well as the checkout page.
Last modified 3yr ago